iOS & Android

How to use the SPORT CAMERA APP


Wi-Fi setting

  • PW : SHIMANO_Cam*initial password
  • *Download the " Initialization file " from here.
    (Select the " Save as " command from the right-click menu to download the file.)


  • Where can I download the smartphone app? Access a download for the app from the following link, making sure to select the app that's compatible with your smartphone. Alternatively, you can go directly to either the App Store page or the Google Play page and enter the search term "Shimano" in the search box.
  • How can I confirm the connection status of an ANT device? The connection status of a wireless ANT device is indicated by an icon displayed in the upper-right corner of the app's Live View screen.
  • Where is the data stored for a connected ANT device? Data from an ANT device is stored in the camera's Micro SD card in the form of CSV files.
  • Why is there no sound when I play back movies stored on my Android device? Some media players for Android don't support PCM audio - the audio format that accompanies the MOV video files recorded by the SHIMANO SPORT CAMERA. If your Android player doesn't play sound for your recorded clips, try downloading a PCM-compatible movie player from Google Play.
  • After entering the required password to set up a Wi-Fi connection, I forgot the new password that I made.
    How can I return to the default settings?
    ① Store the "Initialization file (WIFI_SET.txt)" in the root directory of the Micro SD card (i.e., in the highest-level folder).
    Download the "Initialization file" from here.
    Note: Use the right-click menu (in Windows) to prompt the download to save.
    ② Insert the Micro SD card prepared in ① above into the camera, and activate the camera by pressing either the MODE or Record buttons.
    ③ After activation, the SSID and password are returned to the default settings. The camera will automatically shut off.
    For details on the SSID and initial password, refer to the following link.
    (After the settings are initialized, the " Initialization file " stored on the Micro SD card will be deleted automatically.)
    ④ When the camera is turned on, it is ready to operate with the default settings.