Questions frequently asked by customers about SPORT CAMERA
and our responses are introduced here.

Regarding the performance and specifications

  • How many hours can I record with the camera?

    Detailed information is provided here.

  • Can I replace the battery?

    You can't replace for CM-1100 but you can for CM-2000.
    Lithium-ion battery (CM-BT01) is separately sold.Battery

  • Can I demount the camera?

    You can't. Please do not demount as it impairs waterproof function. Demounting is not covered by insurance.

  • What items are included?

    You can refer to from this link.

    You can refer to from this link.

  • Is SD card sold separately?

    It's sold separately.
    Please use Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC class 10 or higher (storage is up to 128GB)

  • The shot image is distorted.

    Due to the specification of the lens, both still photos and videos get distorted.

  • When power supply is turned ON, the LED lights up (CM-1100). What does this mean?

    When CM-1100 is turned on, the LED lights up for about 2 seconds. This indicates how much SD card capacity and battery level are left.
    Please confirm "ON/OFF of power"in this video.Please confirm "ON/OFF of power"in this video.

  • I can't shoot with a SD card inserted.

    Micro SD card possibly has a problem. Please check with a new micro SD card.

  • What is high sensitivity setting for still photos?

    Detailed information is provided here.

  • Images shot at a dark place were blurred.

    Images get rough and blurred when shot at dark places.

  • How do I get rid of trash stuck in speaker (microphone) part?

    Please use a blower for cameras to get rid.

  • A warning display appeared when the main body was in operation. What does it mean?

    Detailed information is provided here.

  • Can I use this product abroad?

    Please comply with regulations for radio by country when using Bluetooth and ANT functions of the product.
    This product is allowed to be used in the following countries.
    Member states of European Union, Member states of European Free Trade Association, Monaco, San Marino, United States of America, Canada, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, New Zealand

  • What is exposure setting?
    Normally, the camera automatically compensates backlight and you can shoot with proper exposure when the object is in the center of shooting range.
    In the following cases or when you'd like to change the exposure intentionally, you can change the exposure for shooting.
    The exposure can be set from- 2.0 EV to + 2.0 EV.
    • ・ Shooting with backlight: In case the object gets too dark (underexposed) with a very bright background, you can adjust the exposure to +(plus).
    • ・Shooting whitish objects:As the image gets dark (underexposed) overall, you can adjust the exposure to +(plus).
      You can also adjust the exposure to +(plus) when shooting people with a background with high reflectance, such as snow.
    • ・Shooting dark objects:As the image gets bright (overexposed) overall, you can adjust the exposure to -(minus).
      You can also adjust the exposure to -(minus) when shooting people in spotlight.

Regarding the usage of the camera

  • I don't know how to use the camera.

    Please watch our video that includes the basic procedure to use the camera.Please watch our video that includes the basic procedure to use the camera.

  • The camera doesn't turn on.

    Please charge in case of error message "E5" for CM-2000.
    For CM-1100, please press Wi-Fi/POWER button. If the camera doesn't start normally, please try the following steps.
    ① Please charge if the lamp on the left flashes in red without error sound.
    ② The battery power is empty if the lamp doesn't flash without error sound. Please charge the camera.

  • The buttons on the camera don't respond at all.

    The camera may be frozen if it doesn't respond to any operation.
    For CM-2000 if it doesn’t' respond to any operation, please reset by removing and re-inserting the battery.
    For CM-1100, please reset the camera by pressing Wi-Fi/POWER button and REC/STOP button for eight seconds at the same time.

  • I don't know how to mount the camera with a belt.

    Please watch our video that includes the procedure to mount the camera.

  • I don't know how to connect a smartphone to a camera.

    Video that introduces procedure of connecting method is available. Please check "Smartphone and connection" on this video.Please check "Smartphone and connection" on this video.

  • Can I delete videos and still photos on a computer?

    For CM-1100 and CM-2000, you can delete or copy videos and still photos saved in Micro SD card when the cameras are connected to a computer with USB code.

  • I can't copy video files to an iPhone.

    Some iPhones need double or more storage of the video file when copying the video files to them.
    Also, depending on the combination with the OS, 3 times or more storage may be needed.
    Please ensure the available storage is enough, when copying video files to iPhones.

  • I can't tell how much the camera is charged.

    The followings are how to check the battery level.
    For CM-2000: Check battery Icon on LCD.
    For CM-1100: Check the left-side LED which lights up for two seconds when the camera is turned on.
    (Red: Need to be charged, Orange: half empty, Green = sufficiently charged, lights up for two seconds)

  • I can't charge the camera.

    Due to the characteristics of the lithium-ion battery, the battery may become unable to be used if left uncharged for a long time. Periodical use is recommended even when not using.

  • I can't watch “Angle Free” function enabled videos on my PC.

    Use the recommended QuickTime Player to playback Angle Free function enabled videos.
    If you use other video playback players, video playback may not be possible or only audio may be available with the "Angle Free" function enabled.
    When the Angle Free function is enabled, the filming angle will be fixed when filming begins.
    Check the image with your smartphone before shooting, or start shooting when there is no vibration. When the Angle Free function is not required, it is recommended that you turn off the function before use.

  • Wi-Fi was disconnected when I put the camera with Wi-Fi connection under water.

    Wi-Fi can't be connected when the camera or smartphone is under water.

  • I would like to change the password for the Wi-Fi connection; how should this be set?

    You can change the password under “Settings”>>“SSID setting” of the app. The current password is shown in the “Password” field, after deleting it once, enter the new password in 8 - 16 characters. In addition, enter the password that has been set in “Check the password” again to confirm it.

  • Is there any way to setup Wi-Fi connection during shooting?

    Wi-Fi connection can't be setup during shooting. Please stop the shooting and setup Wi-Fi connection.

  • I can't play videos on computer smoothly.

    Videos may be not able to be played smoothly depending on the performance of the computer.

  • Please explain the meanings of the status of the lamp when the sports camera is connected to computer.

    You can check here.

  • I couldn't save the data I shot on a smartphone.

    Shot data can be saved in smartphones with smartphone applications. However, you can't save the data if the smartphone doesn't have enough available storage.
    Also, the data can't be directly saved in the SD card that is connected to the smartphone. Please copy the data on the smartphone first, and copy it to the SD card.
    In case Wi-Fi is disconnected during saving, the data can't be saved on the smartphone.

  • How do I use remote switch on ST-R9170/R9150/9070 as start and stop switch for recording?

    You can start recording by double clicking the switch on the right on ST-R9170/R9150/9070 and stop recording by double clicking the switch on the left. It needs to be connected to DI2 wireless unit and one of SM-EWW01/EW-WU101/EW-WU111/SC-M9051/SC-MT800 by an ANT+ connector.

  • How do I connect the camera to a DI2 wireless unit?
    • ① Please connect the camera and a smartphone with Wi-Fi. (Please refer to help manual in SPORT CAMERA application for smartphones.)
    • ② Please start SPORT CAMERA application on a smartphone.
    • ③ Please tap the pairing sensor on the setting screen of SPORT CAMERA application.
    • ④ Please turn on the slide switch (it becomes green) in the paring setting page by sliding it to the right.
    • ⑤ A message 'Pairing in process' appears.
    • ⑥ Please switch the wireless unit to paring mode.
      • ? When using an exterior battery
        Please make sure that the electric wire is connected to the wireless unit first, and remove the exterior battery and install it again.
      • ? When using a built-in battery
        Please make sure that the electric wire is connected to the wireless unit first, and remove the (two) electric wire that are connected to the wireless unit and connect them again(Communication for paring starts a few tens of seconds after the re-install of the battery or re-connection of the wireless unit to the electric wire.)
    • ⑦ Tap 'OK' when paring is completed and a message 'Paring with ANT device successfully completed' on SPORT CAMERA application.

      These are all the steps for paring. Once paring is completed the devices are connected automatically from the next time they're used, but you need to setup paring when the paring is cleared or firmware is updated.
  • Some modes can't be selected with the menu grayed-out.

    Some modes can't be selected depending on the combination of angle, image quality and image stabilizer.
    In that case, the modes are displayed in gray and can't be selected. Please shoot in the modes you can select.

  • I can't use GPS Auto Rec.

    You can't use GPS Auto Rec with CM-1100.
    The function is only for CM-2000.

Windows & Mac application

  • SHIMANO Camera Editor is not fully displayed on the screen.

    It is dependent on your computer setting. Change the display setting of your computer.

  • "SHIMANO Camera Editor does not start" or "Screen to promote the installation of .NET Framework 3.5 or Microsoft visual C++" is displayed.

    ・.NET Framework 3.5:
     ".NET Framework 3.5" is not installed or disabled. Install or enable ".NET Framework 3.5" and then start SHIMANO Camera Editor.

    ・Microsoft visual C++:
    Microsoft visual C++ might not be installed. Install Microsoft visual C++.

  • It is taking time for SHIMANO Camera Editor to start.

    It might take time for SHIMANO Camera Editor to start depending on the performance or environment of your computer.

  • Can I re-edit video which has already been converted?

    You cannot edit video which has already been converted.
    Open the project you used to edit the video and edit the project.

  • Can I combine video (files)?

    You can't combine video files. Also, video combined using other software cannot be loaded.

  • I can't start SHIMANO Camera Editor after closing the application by pressing X (close) button while loading a photographed video with MAC.

    The video has still been loaded in the background. Therefore, the application can't be started until the loading is completed. Wait for a while or force-quit the application by selecting "Force-quit the application".

  • I can't select the area I want to edit.

    You can only select at 1 second interval but not between intervals.

  • The image resolution is low after correcting distortion.

    Because a part of the image is cut out and enlarged for the correction, the resolution of the image may look low.

  • The area surrounding the section that was corrected for distortion has disappeared.

    It looks like the surrounding area disappeared because of the specification of the correction.

  • How long will it take to convert a video?

    Detailed information is provided here.

iOS & Android application

  • When confirming the camera image from LIVE VIEW or FILE LIST of the app, the image may stop during monitoring and the WiFi connection may be interrupted.

    The WiFi connection may be interrupted depend on iOS version. Please update the OS to iOS latest edition. Please check the Apple support official site for the method of checking the iOS version.

  • Where can I download the application?

    You can download here.
    Please select an application that applies to your smartphone. You can also download from each store (iPhone:APP Store、Android:Play Store). *You can search by the keyword 'Shimano'.

  • How can I confirm the connection status of an ANT device?

    The connection status of a wireless ANT device is indicated by an icon displayed in the upper-right corner of the app's Live View screen.

  • Where is the data stored for a connected ANT device?

    Data from an ANT device is stored in the camera's Micro SD card in the form of CSV files.

  • I forgot the password that I changed for Wi-Fi connection. How can I reset to factory setting?
    • ① Please save the initialization file 'WIFI_SET.txt'inroot (the top-level folder).
      You can download "initialization file" here.
      * Please select 'Save the object in file' from the right-click menu and download.
    • ② Please insert the Micro SD card prepared above to the camera and start by pressing MODE or REC button.
    • ③ After starting, SSID and password are reset to factory setting and camera turns off automatically.
      Please see here for SSID and initial password.
      (After initialization, "initialization file" saved in SD card will be deleted automatically.)
    • ④ You can use the camera with factory setting by turning on afterwards.
  • The video recording that I saved on a smart phone (iOS 8 or later) plays back in slow motion. How can I play it back normally?

    HD120fps, WVGA120fps, and VGA240fps videos saved on iOS 8 or later smart phones play back in slow motion. Change the slow motion and normal playback ranges via the smart phone’s video editing function.

  • I shot video and still photos with mirror mode on, but they are not mirror images when displayed.

    Mirror mode setting is for viewing live view screen in mirror view for checking the rear view.

  • Can I save a file in file list in smartphone in background status when saving?

    No, you can't. Please don't put in background status when saving as saving can't be completed if you do so.